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Use the connection program to actively participate in a session. The connection program will allow us to share our screen, transfer files, see the participant list and use the whiteboard and pointer.

If you use the connection program, you will be asked if you want to Run or Save the file. Click “Run” (you may be asked twice). Alternatively, save the file and then double-click the downloaded file to run it.

Online Schulung 1Online Lernen

A few seconds later, the Mikogo Button  icon will appear in the system tray in the bottom right corner of your screen and the screen contents will load inside the Mikogo viewing window.


If you prefer to use the browser-based HTML Viewer to join a session in view-only mode. The advantage is that you do not need to run any software. You only need a browser to see the screen of the presenter through a secure website. No Java, no ActiveX, no Flash required.

If you use the HTML viewer, the screen contents will load inside your browser. You can zoom in and out with Ctrl +/– and switch to full screen mode with F11.


Now that we share our sceen it is time to talk to each other!

Dial into the telephone conference via local numbers. Simply choose your corresponding number – see list below. After dialing in, use the same 9 digit session ID your got for your screen login.

Come into our conference call and introduce yourself!

(Please avoid using speaker)

Argentina +54-351-5697180
Australia +61-(0)-3-8672-0110
Austria +43-(0)-1-265-05-70
Belgium +32-4-244-10-80
Czech Republic +420-225-989-113
France +33-(0)-1-8014-0610
Finland +358-9-74790020
Germany +49-(0)69-120-065-0762
Hungary +36-1-987-6780
Italy +39-045-4750695
Ireland +353-1-4370310
Israel +972-76-599-0050
Japan +81-3-5050-5090
Korea +82-(0)-70-7917-6575
Luxembourg +352-2030-1091
Mexico +52-899-274-8955
Malaysia +60-11-1146-0000
Netherlands +31-(0)-20-322-3040
Norway +47-21-93-06-54
Poland +48-42-203-75-30
Portugal +351-21005-1181
Romania +40-317-807-300
Slovakia +421-2-33325555
Slovenia +386-1-8280230
Spain +34-931-98-23-66
South Africa +27-87-825-0120
Sweden +46-8-124-107-44
Switzerland +41-(0)-44-595-9060
Turkey +90-212-988-1730
UK +44-(0)-787-447-6123*
USA +1-209-647-1300
* This is a mobile dial-in number. Please check with your phone provider for mobile calling rates.

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