Videomessages – Post Templates and Time planer

  1. Templates for posts
  2. Save post for later
  3. Audio events roll out
  4. New security setting
  5. Direct mobile video messaging1. Templates for postsYou can now activate graphic attention via your mobile device. This works both as a person and as a company page.  You can select visual templates and then adjust the colours, font, text. You can also use the option of placing a call-to-action with a clickable link in the graphic. In the short film, I show you how it works with the help of sceenshots.
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2. Save post for later:

You are in the process of creating a post and are interrupted? No problem, just click on X (close) in the top right corner. Don’t worry, you won’t lose what you have created so far! You can now simply save the post for later. You can now do this from your desktop as well as via the LinkedIn APP. What do you think?


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 3. Audio-Events coming soon

Anyone who has activated the “Creator Mode” as an ambassador for their brand or as an “Influencer” can now create Audio-only Events via the mode. This is currently also being tested for pages in the beta phase. Since I was probably used as a tester, I can already activate both conveniently via the mobile APP, as well as via the desktop. Why don’t you check whether it works for you when you create an event? I’ll show you briefly in a short film what it looks like. I’ll be sure to activate it soon and invite you. Stay tuned 😉.

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 4. New security setting:

Go to your LinkedIn Backoffice “You” then “Settings & Privacy” now go on to Communication. Here you will find the option to suppress “spam” messages at the very bottom. So far this is turned off for everyone. So you have to activate it if you think it makes sense.

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 5. Video Message from your mobile Device

Did you know that you can send direct video messages to networked partners via your LinkedIn APP? To do this, go to the messages via the APP. Open a new message, select a network partner and then enter next to the “Compose message” field on the icon on the left. Open this and then go to “Record video”. Turn your camera around and go for it 😉.

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