Analyses, post scheduling, notifications, find jobs & Instagram in articles

1. Profile analytics

Are your visitors important to you? Do you know how well your post was received in your network? How often have you been searched for on LinkedIn last week?

These important analysis functions haven’t disappeared, they’ve just moved! Right to the top. Both in your desktop and mobile view of your profile. One more reason to always keep an eye on these important key figures 😉.

2. Planning of posts extended

Since the introduction of the scheduling feature, there has been a gap as there was no way to schedule posts with multiple images or polls. Now you can. (If you don’t have it working yet, wait a few more days).  This applies to our personal profiles as well as company pages.

You can also schedule your reposts now! Please don’t forget to publish your personal text with the post.

3. Structure for your notifications

The notification bell got structure. You can now filter your post activities. Who has commented? Who has reacted and who has shared? This is now clearly displayed. I would like to see even more meaningful structures like this for the notification function 😉.

4. Find jobs more quickly

Unfortunately, I see in my network and beyond that more and more people are looking for a new job. Here’s a practical new search function for you:

Enter the industry you want to work for. Then filter on “Company”. Continue to “All filters”. Scroll down until you can select “Job adverts on LinkedIn”. Click on it and you will see companies in the selected industry on the left that currently have vacancies. It is particularly practical if you are already offered a connection to the company that is in your network. You can then use your contacts to reach your destination quickly. I wish you every success with this little tip.

5. Instagram and LinkedIn

Instagram photos and posts can now be embedded in LinkedIn articles, as can GIFs with less than 500 frames and less than 5 MB in size, but they must be in static GIF format. Let’s hope that this will also be rolled out for posts.